"Lori and I first connected when I had already began planning my own wedding. Not too long into attempting to do it on my own, I started having issues with the venue overpromising things and going back on their word. My (now) husband suggested I get a wedding planner so that he/we wouldn’t have to deal with the meltdowns and overall “joys” of planning a wedding on your own. I was about set on a wedding planner and decided to take one last consultation… that’s how Lori came into the picture. She was EVERYTHING I needed and totally blew the other planners out of the water with her calming demeanor, organization, and passion for event planning. She immediately began picking up the pieces, letting the venue know she wasn’t going to tolerate their nonsense. When I say she literally took over, I am not exaggerating. She wanted me to enjoy my engagement and constantly reassured me “I’ve got this” and she was 100% correct. Any time she needed my input or approval for anything, she would also send along her opinion and every single time, it was the EXACT way I would have handled it or the EXACT option I would have selected myself. She totally and fully understood my style and vision and went above and beyond to help me achieve it. She was wonderful with all the vendors and negotiated a ton more from them than I ever could have on my own. She was a calming force for me at the rehearsal and the day-of the wedding because I knew shew had every single little thing handled. Because of her, I was able to soak in the little moments on my wedding day, enjoy the time with my friends and family and truly achieve the wedding we had always wanted. I cannot thank Lori enough and now that the wedding is over, I will miss her cause she’s THAT amazing! "

Kevin & Gabby Bloom